Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to pay for signing up?

Signing up is totally free. No credit card is needed.

Can I use my business logo?

Absolutely! Meknu has an option to upload your logo.

Can I upload pictures of my menu’s items?

Yes, you can. You can customize your items as needed. You can create a digital version of your current physical menu.

Can I generate a QR code for each table?

Yes! Meknu allows you to generate a unique QR code for each of your tables.

How does Meknu help my staff?

You can create a member account for each employee. Each account will have a specific access which allows them to visualize all tables, follow up on orders, and address any call from your customers. Meknu will send a notification to your staff’s smartphones (once their accounts are activated). You, as the owner of the main Meknu account, have full control over all members’ accounts.

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